Shiruto & Befil – 腳傷口發炎和潰爛

這是我的姨丈的見證!他在九月的時候因為割傷了腳而沒有加以處理,導致傷口嚴重 #發炎和潰爛。剛開始以為是有糖尿病所以傷口不能夠複合,經醫生檢查後才發現其實是 #尿酸 及 #血管有些阻塞加上 #細菌感染導致而成。住院一個星期多花費了將近RM10,000 並沒有明顯好轉,醫生甚至建議需要排期動手術,大約RM60,000的費用。

阿姨無意間就看到了我在FB分享一些關於 #Shiruto 的見證。我就建議他既然都在等待排期的時間,不妨嘗試服用 #Shiruto, 以提高姨丈的免疫力去應對手術。

開始時, 姨丈服用早,午,晚各 #2包的 #Shiruto,一個星期後,傷口已經復原將近70%(圖2)。之後就繼續每天服用至少2到4包。圖3為4th Nov的複原進度,已經痊癒了接近90%啦????? ? 感恩公司的好產品, 讓姨丈的傷口能夠復原得那麼快????

姨丈現在也開始每天服用一包的 #Befil,大概兩個星期多了,希望這麼棒的好產品,能讓他身體越來越健康!? 感恩


This is the testimonial of my uncle! He got a cut on his leg in September and did not treat it carefully, causing the wound to become severely #inflamed and #festered. At first, we thought it was diabetes, so the wound could not heal. After a doctor’s examination, it was discovered that he has #uricacid and #vascularblockage in the leg area plus #bacterialinfection that caused the severe wound. The hospitalization cost nearly RM10,000 for a week plus and it was just a mild improvement. The doctor suggested to schedule a surgery, which will cost about RM60,000.

My Aunt saw my sharing in FB some testimonials about #Shiruto. I suggested to her that since uncle is waiting for the scheduled time for operation, he might as well tr​​y #Shiruto to improve his immunity to cope with the operation later.

At the beginning, my uncle took #2sachets of #Shiruto each in the #morning, #afternoon and #evening. One week later, the wound had recovered nearly 70% (Pic 2). After that, continue to take at least 2 to 4 sachets a day. Picture 3 shows the progress of 4th Nov recovery. It has been healed close to 90%. Grateful for the good products of #BEInternational that helps my uncle for his speedy recovery????

My uncle has also started to take a packet of #Befil a day for more than two weeks now. I hope that these great products will make him healthier and stronger! ?

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