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Aulora – Karen Chua

Finally after 9 years 5 months. Travis can finally wear a pair of Havaianas slippers like His Dar dar and Twin Bro.

Why? Backwards walking. When a cerebral palsy kid has a hard time walking forward. Some form of training backward is good .As you are teaching him heel down walking, arm motion, structure alignment and then walk forward next. 

Back then when he was keen for a new pair. I had a hard time training him as he is always on his toes.  TODAY , many thanks to #AurolapantswithKodenshi. He is able to do so.  Covid-19 , Circuit breaker and everything change our new routine. 

So thankful to discover a pair of just pants that did amazing rework on him.  We are still faithfully doing our stretch and exercises at home. But this pant bring fore JOYs and happiness.  As I watch him grow and doing much more than back in May 2020.  After all his motor skills took a big step backwards due to no outdoor or activities.Less than 2 months transformation. I can’t wait to see more along this way.  Better blood circulation too. Thanks to the technology aspects of this pants. 

No more night spasms , cramps, pains or cold legs . Better flow of cerebral spinal fluid back to his brain I bet. His brain don’t talk to his legs, making walking or movement difficult. For those whom Exercise a lot or Yoga will know this well!  

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