SHIRUTO Zencoso Ball

Shiruto & Zencoso Ball – Sharon

Ivy’s mom started to have severe skin disorder for the past 1 year. She has been suffering from Eczema all these years, and for the past 20 years. Of late her skin condition has been very severe,  and It really covered her whole body, including her face. It’s like over lapped between Ezecma and Psoriasis as you could see from her photo. Her skin became inflamed and red,  unbearable itch, skin peeled, cracked, blistered and as the result, it caused a serious mental torture to her. She seek treatment and also Traditional Chinese Medicine and herbs but the process was slow and not much effective. She was recommended to take Shiruto which the ingredient is IP-PA1, Vitamins of Immunity. She consumed 6 sachets a day, and after taking on the 3rd day, she could see significant improvement. Her face was not swollen,  less inflamed. The best thing is she has no new breakout on her face within 1 week. Her result is remarkable. Happy to see the improvement of her skin condition.

On top of consuming Shiruto, Right now she is also taking Zencoso, Activated Enzymes that improve metabolism and wearing Aulora Kodenshi  Series to increase blood circulation.

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