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Aulora – TC Ng

這個媽咪現在懷第二胎17週,基本上沒什麼大問題會嘗試穿Aulora Pants 褲子就想要試試看可以解決第一胎留下的妊娠紋嗎


八天!八天!八天! ??????????

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Mommy TC Ng currently pregnant for 17weeks (2nd baby) and she is very healthy and slim.

She wanted to try out Aulora Pants with Kodenshi if the pants can help to solve her stretch marks problem.

After wearing it for ONLY 8 days, her husband immediately notice the changes and help her take photo to show her ??????????

Why is the Aulora Pants the perfect choice for pre pregnancy?

✅improves blood circulation
✅ reduce water retention
✅ reduces stretch marks

Aulora Pants , a wearable technology ❤️

Remarks: Please get the right size for pregnant ? mommies and baby need space to grow too ??

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