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Aulora – Donovan & Michellynna

Here’s my teammate Donovan Lee ‘s wife Laura Michellynna  testimonial!

They are underwater hockey nation athletes!

After wearing @aulorapants for 5 days! Here’s the results!

– Her backpain improved!
– her body more lighter, after exercise! 
– more energetic than before! 
Because, Sleep quality improved! 
( Used to feel tired every morning!)
– most importantly, she lost weight!
( no diet, just eat like normal) 

Only in 5 days!!
Glad that #AuloraPants helped her alot!
They also shocked to see the results as well!

Just wear it only! 
At least 8 hours a day, better result wear it 24/7.


*Disclaimer: These are personal experiences shared from others who have worn the Aulora Pants for an adequate amount time over a period of time. As everyone’s experience and response to wearing the clothing is different, this is not a guarantee of a definite outcome. Try it and experience it for yourself.

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