Aulora Pants Befil SHIRUTO

Aulora, Befil & Zencoso Ball – Chong Kin Kiat

2019 from bad to worse ???

2020 from good to better ???(#AuloraPant+#BEFIL+#ZencosoBall)

51 yo, local businessman, Malaysian 

Like to eat ??? Good Food Paradise ???

#Obese #HighCholesterol #PreHypertension #HighBloodPressure #PreDiabetic

In Jan 2020, get to know AuloraPant thru friends, found #BEFIL helpful on #CardioVascularDisease as his father suffered from heart attack! Then after Zencoso #ZencosoBall… Finally in 30/6 done medical check and feel excited and happy to see my report all figures back to normal range!!! ???

?BONUS – lost weight 8kg in 6mth !!! ???
So grateful and thanks to #BEInternational #Founder for bringing in such a good products benefit to all ???

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