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Aulora – 肩周炎 Frozen Shoulder

Frozen Shoulder improved after wearing Aulora Basic Top with Kodenshi ??

❤️感恩夥伴的分享! Thanks Owen’s sharing ❤️



自2017年開始,新加坡領袖 Owen 就被冷凍肩(Frozen Shoulder)困擾。做了一年半的物理治療,也不見好轉。醫生建議他動手術,但他選擇不動刀。

體驗過Aulora socks 帶來的效果並改善足部的問題。今年2月公司推出新品-Aulora Basic Top, 他也毫不猶豫的買了下來,為自己保健。

穿了Aulora Basic Top的4個月後, 發現他冷凍肩的問題改善了! !現在他的手可以抬的更高了! ?

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“I had frozen shoulder (left side) since 2017 and had been doing physiotherapy for 1.5years and still it never recover.

Doctor suggested to do an operation but I chose not to do it.

After I experienced the improvement on my feet condition after wearing the Aulora socks, when the Aulora basic top was launched in Feb 2020, I bought the Aulora Basic Top without hesitation..

After wearing the Aulora Basic Top for 4 months, my frozen shoulder condition improved!!! ?I believe there will be more room for improvement as I continued to wear it.” – Owen Sim

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